Food Critic 101

Our second to last week and unfortunately the ethics board still hadn’t reviewed the field research proposal, so we weren’t able to go to the field. Cooper and I were starting to get worried about how much time we’d have in the field, but we stayed hopeful. In terms of the work week, we were … More Food Critic 101

Bruises Almighty

This week started out with a trip to IRRI to see their nutrition month opening program, which was partially coordinated by Dr. Acuin, the research specialist who was the FNRI interns’ supervisor last year. It consisted of a number of introductions, a research talk, and a cooking session, which was fun to watch. The remainder … More Bruises Almighty

Oh My Gulay!

This week primarily consisted of the interns attending the Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST’s) Seminar Series, which included numerous presentations, booths, and interactive sessions regarding, well science and technology. The booths had people discussing some of the lab equipment and innovative food options that have been created as healthy food alternatives to common snacks. … More Oh My Gulay!

Carinderias, and Meriendahans, and Turo-Turos, Oh My!

In terms of the work week, the NAMD unit mainly attended training for the pilot survey, which is the survey we conduct while we’re out in the field. We were introduced to a variety of questionnaires such as “Household Membership and Demographic Information,” “Biochemical Indices for all members [of the family],” “Infant and Young Child … More Carinderias, and Meriendahans, and Turo-Turos, Oh My!