Accommodations, Barangays, and the Cold

This past week was the work week leading up to the FNRI’s 43rd Seminar Series, which is a three-day event where members of FNRI inform the public about our program through their research findings, presentations, and interactive seminars. The NAMD unit was busy preparing for the event, which meant the NAMD interns weren’t given as much attention or work, so we sometimes we had to find ways to keep ourselves busy.

On Thursday, Dr. Amoloza and her husband dropped by FNRI, and she treated us to lunch at SM! Then we showed her our condos, and she spoke to our supervisors.

On Friday, Cooper and I accompanied to NAMD employees the two barangays where we’ll be conducting field research in the province Batangas. Upon reaching the first barangay, we met with the some of the city’s officials and discussed FNRI’s mission and the purpose of the field research. In addition, we also organized the living accommodations for the research team. Following that, we had a curtesy visit with the city’s mayor and discussed the same matters. Then we repeated the process at the next barangay, where we met the city’s and barangay’s mayors. After that, we called it a day, and headed back to Taguig City.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to join to others on the weekend excursion because I caught a cold. I spent most my weekend in the condo, blowing my nose and watching reruns.



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