Oh My Gulay!

This week primarily consisted of the interns attending the Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST’s) Seminar Series, which included numerous presentations, booths, and interactive sessions regarding, well science and technology. The booths had people discussing some of the lab equipment and innovative food options that have been created as healthy food alternatives to common snacks. There were also areas where people had set up posters of their research findings, and other areas where people were presenting their research findings too. Just some of the research topics that were presented were “Intake of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and Its Relation to Metabolic Syndrome Among Filipino Adults” and “Contribution of Different Food Groups to the Total Energy and Nutrient Intake of Filipino Households Comparison Between 2013 and 2015.” There was one called “Genotype Effects of B-Carotene Conversion to Vitamin A: Implications of Reducing Vitamin A Deficiency in the Philippines”, which I found particularly interesting. It concluded that a portion of Filipino children are at risk for the genotypic decrease in the ability to convert B-carotene into vitamin A, which can lead to problems in organogenesis, immune competence, tissue differentiation, and regeneration of the visual cycle. Pre-determination can help us learn which children need an increase in B-carotene or vitamin A supplements.

Thursday we celebrated FNRI’s 70th Anniversary at the office with the opening of Oh My Gulay! (vegetable and a pun on OMG), the program’s vegetable garden. In addition to the opening of the garden, we watched our co-workers perform at FNRI’s Talent Show, and I was obviously rooting for the NAMD unit. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to watch the entire talent show because we had to catch our flight for our weekend trip.

This weekend, we decided to head to Boracay Island to explore its beautiful beaches. I’m happy to say we weren’t disappointed. We had a great time eating delicious food, and we met quite a few travelers who were from all over the world. While our flights were delayed by a few hours, the trip was well worth it.



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