Bruises Almighty

This week started out with a trip to IRRI to see their nutrition month opening program, which was partially coordinated by Dr. Acuin, the research specialist who was the FNRI interns’ supervisor last year. It consisted of a number of introductions, a research talk, and a cooking session, which was fun to watch.

The remainder of the week, Cooper and I were involved in another project where we went to Laguna to be involved in the field immersion surveys. This project involved random sampling of students from a few schools in Laguna. Their anthropometric measurements were taken, and mothers were called in to inform us of their child’s diet and to give a 24-hour recall. The students’ health status was determined, and beginning the next six months, they’ll be given a lunch that follows FNRI’s Pingang Pinoy (Filipino Dish), which is the Phillipines’ version of MyPlate. While we went from school-to-school, we met some of the kids. Cooper and I don’t look as “foreign” as the other FNRI interns, so we usually don’t get much attention. However, one of the last schools we visited, we had a flock of about fifty kids surround us, having a blast laughing at our pronunciation of Tagalog words. It was a fun work week, and I’m looking forward to going back to visit the kids.

On the weekend, we took a trip with our co-workers to Hulugan Falls and Aliw Falls in Laguna. Hulugan Falls was really relaxing, but it was also quite slippery. While we were walking to the pool of water under the falls, Randi and I managed to slip on the slimy rocks, leaving us with more bruises and cuts. Call me Bruises Almighty because I’ve ended up with more bruises in the past two weeks than I have in the past two years. I think the fear of falling again kept Randi and I out of the water at Aliw Falls, and we just decided to hike to the top of the falls and dip our feet in. While Aliw Falls wasn’t as big as Hulugan Falls, it was much more secluded. The only people that were there was our group and a group of children from homes nearby. Again, it was another fun week, and I can’t believe we only have a few weeks remaining of this trip.



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